Numero 168.

I’ve been waiting for a new “headshot” set for a long time and finally Katey Coppola released a new one! I lurve Glitterati so hard and most of the poses I use are from Glitterati, actually. :D

Blog - Glitterati Headshot Poses

(bloody hell of tiny pictures. click the picture for a larger view!)

This pose set is great and useful cos it can be used in vendors ads or even normal pictures! I’m a huge fan of Katey’s long hair pose sets as well. So make sure you check that one as well :) This is the Headshot #3 set and there are a few more! I love the #4 set so hard too.

Landmark to Glitterati.

♥ .. Skin: Tuli

♥ .. Hair: Truth

♥ .. Shirt: Armidi



Numero 166.

Ohai again! Truth released some lovely new hairstyles last week and I forgot to blog them.. oops! :x

Blog - Truth Hair

Adele – Bea – Kymberly

  • Adele comes in: 2 versions. One with bangs and one without bangs and 63 streak options with the standard version.
  • Bea comes in: 2 versions. One with bangs and one without bangs and 63 streak options with the standard version.
  • Kymberly comes in: 63 streak options with the standard version.

Adele is definitely my favorite from this week. It’s all sorts of cutetastic and I just love the bangs ♥

Landmark to Truth

♥ .. Skin: Tuli

♥ .. Shirt:

♥ .. White shirt: Ohmai (Not available anymore)

Numero 165.

Ohaii everyone!! I’ve been busy this week with school and all that stuff but yay for Fridays! ♥

Blog - BOOM "I promise"

*BOOM* released its first lingerie set a few days ago and I have to say I was stunned by the great details and efforts they put in them especially cos this is the first lingerie set they ever released. I Promise, the lingerie set, include two bra options, one that covers your whole bewbs with a lace trimmed version and one peep version as shown above. You also get the matching panties with each one. There are 81 different colour combinations available for you, so I’m sure everyone will find their favorite color!

Landmark to *BOOM*

♥ .. Skin: Tuli

♥ .. Hair: Truth

{ 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Black }

I thought black would be easy but I was stuck with like 5 different outfits so I chose this as a favorite! And by the way, a 4 year old helped me in this outfit :P

More info here.

{ 52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Black }

♥ .. Skin: Tuli

♥ .. Hair: Truth

♥ .. Necklace: Ha!

♥ .. Shirt: Whippet and Buck

♥ .. Vest:

♥ .. Pants: *BOOM*

♥ .. Shoes: Pixel Mode


I started writing my name on each photo so no one could steal. You should do the same!! :)

What the fuckery?! D:

I got a new comment on my Ingenue post and it was a link back to a blog and then I find many other bloggers on that blog o.o They should at least take permission first to use my pictures and posts, they can’t just use them cos that is considered STEALING. This is the link to my blog post on their blog. :/

Does anyone have any idea what that blog is? And why they are using bloggers’ pictures and posts? Please leave a comment on this post <3

Thank you. ♥

P.S: I think I’ll start leaving my name at the bottom of each post, so people can learn to stop stealing >_>


I uploaded it on flickr too:

Numero 162.

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great day :) I’m off to bed so this is a short post :) <3

Blog- Ingenue Sunday Morning Tee

Betty Doyle released some super cute tops recently and I couldn’t wait to try them on and blog them. \o/ The Sunday Morning Tee is available in 10 colours at L$125 each or a fatpack for L$625! This is a Le.Look exclusive so make sure you check it out!

Blog - Ingenue Nicole Top

The “Nicole” top is also available in 10 colours at L$125 each or a fatpack for L$625. It’s also a Le.Look exclusive. The bow and pom poms are color change to 10 different lovely shades as well <3


Landmark to Ingenue mainstore.

Landmark to Ingenue at Le.Look

♥ .. Skin: Tuli

♥ .. Hair: Truth and

♥ .. White undershirt in first picture:

♥ .. Jeans in picture one:

♥ .. Jeans in picture 2: Narwhal