Numero 152.

Hey guys! It’s another review post! :D I hope you like it ♥

Blog Tuli - Emma skin

Tuli released a bunch of new and updated skins {5 skins: Claire, Emma, Eva, Gina, Tanya}. I’m going to be showing the Emma skin cos it was my favorite! I think it’s a super adorable skin and I haven’t seen anyone that doesn’t look good with this skin, btw :)

Blog Tuli - Emma skin 2

There are 4 eyebrow color packs, each sold individually. So you choose the eyebrow color and then the tone. Emma comes in 5 lovely tones to fit everyone! I really love the features that come with each skin, that’s why Tuli is on my “Favorite stores” list and will always be! In each pack you get:

  • 6 skins. Those are the eye make up options. (Shown in the images above)
  • 12 lipstick tattoo layers.
  • 3 cleavage options.
  • 3 lashes tattoo layers.
  • Face freckles option.

I think it’s a great deal for 2500L$. I love how skin designers are including tattoo lipsticks so you can choose your own make up combination. This is another reason to love Tuli skins.

Blog Tuli - Tattoo lips 1

Shown above are 2 base skins with the tattoo lips. I had lots of fun combining different lips with the skins!

Blog Tuli - Tattoo lips 2

Another 3 tattoo layer lipsticks. love love love <3

As I said, there are freckles included as a tattoo layer. Here’s a picture:

Blog Tuli - Face Shot 2 (Freckles)

I think the freckles make the skin even prettier! What I also love about this skin… it gives your avatar such a sweet and young face in my opinion :) Annnd another thing I totally love is that the copper eyebrows match perfectly with my hair! I’m a happy ginger :D ♥

Blog Tuli - Cleavage

Shown are the 3 cleavage options. I love the “subtle” option cos it’s perfect for avatar that likes small boobs.

Blog Tuli - Body

And of course, the gorgeous-almost real body on Tuli skins. I love the softness and everything about the body!


There was something that made me a bit sad in the pants though.. the lipsticks, cleavage, lashes & freckles are all on tattoo layers so you have to use the official SL viewer (2.4 or older) if you want to wear more than 1 tattoo layer :( I use phoenix and it does not support multiple tattoo layers. Of course this is not Tuli’s problem cos she can’t change the way the viewers are, but SL 2.4 viewer users: You are SO lucky! This is the perfect skin for you :P. I can use the official SL viewer but I can’t stand the UI and I can’t live without a built in radar.


Blog Tuli - Face Shot 1

Worn is a base skin with one of the tattoo layers… “Red”. :)

Landmark to Tuli


Hair by Truth, Lingerie by Linc, Turtleneck shirt by Zaara, Purple shirt by Whippet Buck


6 thoughts on “Numero 152.

  1. You do ginger so well. :) The eyes are so striking in contrast, very very pretty… I like the freckles look, too. And um, no comment on the cleavage except, err, it kinda makes me think of Goldilocks. ahem.

    I like these posts where you go into more detail about what you like about stuff. It’s educational for me since I wouldn’t normally know about all that goes into these things.

    • Awww tater!! (heart_beat) such a sweet comment :) thank you so much ♥ (blush)

      I try to talk as much as I can about the stuff, so everyone knows a little more about it :)

      *motorboats you*

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