Numero 150.

Hi all! It has been a while since I have done a skin review and I thought this is the right time to do one :) All of the bloggers out there do it better than me, like Gogo. But I still love doing it! :)


~ The new skin Gala released a few weeks ago got everyone nuts and broke. I think it’s totally worth it because it is a GORGEOUS skin and seriously, Gala has improved A LOT. I remember blogging one of her skins on my old blog, and her skins sure do look different and much better now! It’s very similar to the “Yum” skin she released before but she changed quite a few things, like the nose and lips and a few more.

Blog Curio - Slush

One of the reasons I totally love this skin is because of the awesome options Gala added to each pack. In every pack, you get:

  • 2 make ups. As shown above.
  • 8 skins. {Light + Dark, Light with freckles and dark with freckles}
  • Black and Blond eyebrows on tattoo layers.

Now you might get confused about the light and dark option.. actually it’s not the skin tone. It comes WITH the skin tone you choose (Sundust, Acorn, Bean) In this post I’m wearing Sundust with the “Light” option, the “Dark” option will be the same skin tone but a bit darker.

Blog Curio - Pure

Shown above is the 2 make ups from the “Pure” pack. I <3 this pack cos the make ups are so pretty and could be worn everyday.

Blog Curio - Frostbite

The “Frostbite” pack is the same as well. I think the name Frostbite is so damn cute :D Just like the skin! :)

Blog Curio - Charcoal

And finally, “Charcoal” I adore the dark lips on the second make up and in my opinion the blush gave the whole skin an adorable look.


~ Now.. when you buy a single pack, you get all options I mentioned above.. BUT when you get the fatpack, you get 6 extra tattoo layer lips!

Blog Curio - Tattoo Layer Lips

I’m showing only 2 colors of the lips here.. but there are 4 more in the fatpack version :)


~ The body is beautiful as usual.. It has the right shadings and everything.

Blog Curio - Body shot

♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

..a note.. : Each skin pack is 1,000L$ and the fatpack is only 3,000L$!! For a fatpack, that includes 64 things.. HELL YES I’D SPEND 3,000L$ ON IT! lololol.

♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

Blog Curio - Face Shot

Just a picture with the skin and a tattoo layer lipstick on :)


Landmark to Curio.

Hair: Truth

Lingerie: Linc


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