Today’s topic is very important so listen up, kids.

Well, one of the reasons I’m not able to go to many parties/store openings etc is because YOU event organizers choose a sucky time for the rest of us. I mean, not all of us live in the US. I know timezones suck but there’s nothing you can do or change about timezones BUUUT you can choose a time fitting for all of us! I, for example live in UAE and when it’s 7 pm SLT it’s 7 am here and for others living in Australia or somewhere close. If I was an event organizer I will understand that some people would love to come to the party but can’t so I’ll choose a fitting time for most of us, at least. I call it SELFISHNESS. I plurked about this many times and I’m glad many people agree with me. So pretty please with a cherry and whipped cream on top, don’t make us non Americans cry. We also want to enjoy SL and go to your awesometastic parties but you make it hard for us.


/end rant.

and cos i’m awesome, i’m sharing some pretty food pictures with you.

Pictures from Fuck Yeah Pretty Foods Tumblr



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