Numero 111.

Hey guys! I wanted to this post a few weeks ago but I didn’t have any place to rez the house. This is my first blog post about houses, yay! I hope you like it :)

Blog - MudHoney 1

I fall in love with every MudHoney release because I know they will always be awesome. I don’t usually blog houses as you know but I had to share this with you all because I think it’s full of win! Without even saying anything, you can clearly see how detailed and awesome it is. These photos are not edited at all, what you see is what you get in-world. Pretty cool, huh?

Blog - MudHoney 2

Here are more pictures of the inside of the house. This would make a perfect house for a family! There are many rooms and it’s quite large ;)

Blog - MudHoney 3

Here’s a final picture of all the house from the outside. I LOVE the textures and shading. I’m sure Rayvn worked very hard on this house, since building isn’t something easy and fast. Make sure you check this out!

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