Numero 110.

Hey loves! Yeah without mentioning it, I’ve been a lazy ass, lol. {Luxuria} is the new lingerie store in-world that will get famous one day for sure because they sell the most amazing and detailed lingerie ever. Check it out!

Blog - Luxuria 1

Belinda | Alicia

I’m loving Belinda A LOT. I can’t take it off! You know, I probably say “This has the best textures ever” But you know what? I think THIS has the best textures ever. I’m so shocked of the details and the realism of it. I’m in love with these lingeries and I want these in RL like right now! I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with in the future. It’s a  fabulous start so maybe their next release will make us spend all our lindens? Who knows!

Blog - Luxuria 2


I did this picture with my fail photoshop skills that don’t even exist.. I’m wearing the awesome Belinda lingerie here! :)

Landmark to {Luxuria}

Hair: Truth.

Skin: Laqroki

Shoes: Pixel Mode


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