Numero 108.

Hi all! Doppelganger released some lovely new Cuffed Cords Pants and they come in 6 colors. They are unisex and come with prim cuffs for both males and females. Also a new thing from Doppelganger they were testing and it worked out well…. (From blog) “Last time we had a new release we tested out a limited edition color of each item.  This went well so we are going to continue creating one “Have-to-Have” item with each new release.  This time it is a set of two exclusive colors of the Cuffed Cords – they are transfer so you can either keep them for yourself or gift them to a friend!”

Blog - Doppelganger

I’m showing 2 colors here (Brown & Black). I love these a lot and I would so wear these in RL. Love love the shading and the textures!

Landmark to Doppelganger.

Hair: Truth.

Skin: LAQ.


Pink shirt:

White shirt: Ohmai (Not available anymore)

Flats: Flats: ETD (Not available anymore)


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