Numero 106.

I’m too late in blogging these… and I blame school. I have to go back and study so this is a short post. :(

Blog - Truth Hair

Top Left: Aiyana

Top Right: Bebe

Bottom Left: Nadine

Bottom Right: Nadine 2

I’m in love with these 4 new hairstyles from Truth, I think it’s my favorite release so far. My favorite is Bebe, it’s so pretty and I love the waves on the hair. Bebe comes with 26 streak options plus a normal version. Aiyana is also so cute and it comes with another option which includes feathers attached on the hair and they come in 15 colors. I’m wearing the normal version because I couldn’t find a suitable outfit to fit with it. You also get face paints in 7 colors! I love you Truth Hawks ;D. And finally, Nadine and Nadine 2 are similar, the only difference is that Nadine comes with a headband and Nadine 2 doesn’t. Both have 26 streak options and a normal version as well.

Here’s a picture of the ad for the Aiyana hair.. you can see the feathers and the face paint. :D

Landmark to Truth

Shop online for Truth hair!

Truth website

And Truth Hawk’s Flickr


Skin: Laqroki



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