Numero 99.

I have some very pretty things to show you all! I couldn’t wait to show you these new skins and poses because they are gorgeous!

Candydoll 1

I love these new skins from Candydoll.. I actually love almost all of their skins. Rebeca is definitely a talented designer and blogger.. I’m always happy when I get to try her new releases and her stuff are worth blogging. :)

Candydoll 2

This new Jasmin skin is very beautiful, I love the softness and the details on it. The eyebrows are one of the best I’ve seen on SL, very natural. I really recommend you try this skin! I also love that her skins are always cheap and include many great options.

Candydoll 3

As I said above, they include many options. One of my favorite is the tattoo layer lips.. if you like the eye makeup or whatever else but not the lips.. don’t worry! They come with tattoo layer lipstick so you can choose and mix them together :D I totally love when skin creators do that, they make me want their skins even more! I’m showing the original skin on the left and some tattoo layer lips worn with it. Isn’t it lovely? Also the skin comes with a hair base and cleavage option!

Candydoll Body Shot

Now finally a shot of the sexy body. I have nothing to say other than stunning. I love the cleavage on this skin, it’s very well made! The tummy area is my favorite, it’s the *best* I’ve seen on SL. yep.

Also the poses I used in the last picture are from !Bang’s latest releases. I blogged them before and I thought they need more blogging because they’re awesomesauce! And the creator is a total sweetheart :P

Landmark to Candydoll

Landmark to !Bang

***To view the pictures in larger/smaller sizes… please click the image, it will take you to my flickr. Then click on “Actions” and then click on “View all sizes”***

Hair: Truth

Shirts: Surf Co.

Lingerie: {Luxuria} (past 50L Friday item.. some similar ones are available there with more colors! <3)

Shoes:  N-core


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