Numero 96. Quality with Style: SLeek Furniture

Hello Mates,

As usual, its been ages since I did a post, but I’m back again! This time I have something different from what Mare usually blogs xD

I would be showcasing some furniture from one of the oldest and classiest furniture shops on SL – SLeek Furniture.

Owner of SLeek Furniture – Hummer Corleone, designs unique modern furnitures which are a rarity in Second Life. Many of this designs are inspiration from famous RL furniture designer builds. So to get the same feel of Luxury in second life, You have to visit SLeek Furniture. I did a post with my friend Dominic to showcase some of my favorites. Here it is –

Furniture Shown in this picture are absolutely unique pieces as I personally haven’t seen anything similar anyway (I’m no furniture specialist but I guess I’m a keen observer! =]).

SLeek Furniture – Bocca Sofa – Red

SLeek Furniture – Akari Lamp – UF4-L8

SLeek Furniture – Tube Chair – Black

Limo to SLeek Furniture :D

Clothing on me –

HC – Black Lace Collection – Signora

Limo to Hyper Culture @ SLeek :D

Clothing on Dominic –

Sartoria – Silk Suit (Black)

Limo to Sartoria @ SLeek :D

I hope you like the post!

Stay tuned for more :))



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