Numero 92.

Hi all! I hope you all had a great day so far. I’m sorry for the lack of posts, as I said before school started and I’m so busy. This is a short post because I have to go back to do my homeworks >_> Have fun!

Diana – Gigi – Sabrina

Truth released 3 new hairstyles this week and Gigi is my favorite! I love love love the bangs on it and the headband makes it look even prettier. The headband is color change into 20 different colors. Diana is also a short, lovely hairstyle with 26 streak options and a normal version. Now finally, Sabrina is a super cute hairstyle and I think it will look great on child avatars. There are 26 streak options and a normal version for Sabrina as well. The pretty little bobbles come with 18 colors and a normal version without them.. incase you prefer that. :) I’m wearing all of the 3 hairs in the copper color from the gingers pack, my favorite color so far! <3

I would like to say something about the skin I’m wearing.. I found it on Xstreet and at first I thought it was ripped and stuff.. after talking to some friends and asking it on plurk, they all said that it’s a template and *not* ripped. I never support content theft in SL, besides I will cut and burn anyone that supports it. If you think I’m wrong and you’re the creator of this skin or you know where it’s really from, please leave a comment and I will check it out.. if it was really ripped I will report the copybotter and delete the skin. Thank you for understanding..

Landmark to Truth

Skin: Xstreet

Necklace: Ha!

Shirt: [W&B]


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