Numero 91.

Hi sweethearts! You all probably know Apple May Designs unless you’re living under a rock, lol. They have been around since years and they’re still going strong! I want every single release they make. I LOVE everything they make, their textures and designs are one of the best. So they deserve getting blogged! :D

This is my favorite outfit from there. It’s called ‘Bed Story’ It comes with the lovely tank top and the well detailed jeans. I added the belt because I thought it needs something to make it look nicer.. It’s a very casual and simple outfit for a normal day in SL! I love the jeans so much and I even used it with different items :D You also get sculpted leg cuffs for the jeans!

This babydoll top is simply gorgeous! I think it looks great with the skirt underneath. This skirt comes with the outfit but you can always add your own skirt! I wanted a nice place with pretty flowers to take a picture. I love this babydoll a lot! It’s the best I’ve seen on SL. I don’t think you can see it here but there are some cute butterflies on the shirt!

And finally this ruffle dress is so sexy and resplendent (admit it you! :P) I love high waist skirts! I own a few in RL too. If I find anything I own irl I immediately get it in SL. I added a bag to it because it looks so damn good together. I don’t know why but this outfit makes me want to shop :D Maybe because of the bag and the dress?

Landmark to Apple May Designs.

Picture 1:

Hair: Truth

Skin: Laqroki

Belt: Maitreya

Necklace: Mandala

Bangles: Ha!

Shoes: Ingenue

Location: Pixel Dreams

Picture 2:

Hair: Truth

Skin: Laqroki

Bangles: Ha!

Flats: Surf Co. (I don’t think these are available anymore)

Location: Butterdish

Picture 3:

Skin: Laqroki


Glasses: Armidi


Shoes: Maitreya

Location: Armidi


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