Numero 90.

Hi all! BOOM released some hot new polos! They’re very pretty as always :) Check them out!

I’m wearing this surf polo in tan. I like the unbuttoned front, it makes it look even nicer! It comes with a sculpted part with two attachment points, this is great for mix and matching with other accessories/clothes. You also get a collar which wasn’t hard to resize at all! It comes 23 gorgeous colors. I’ll be showing a few here!

I’m wearing the Doll pink color here. I love this color, it’s so girly and cute.

Here’s a close up of how it looks from the front and back. I’m wearing it in Navy and Faded red here. I added the Traveler’s.Tank from with it and it looks really good together! I will now work on mixing and matching this outfit with other items I have for a LOTD :D

Landmark to *BOOM*

Hair: Truth

Skin: Laqroki (Pic 1 & 2)


Shorts: Tres Blah (Pic 1 & 2) and Doppelganger (Pic 3)

Shoes: A-BOMB (Pic 1 & 2) and ETD (Pic 3, store not available anymore)


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