Numero 89.

Hi all! Ingenue released some adorable new shoes called “Citron” and they come 15 colors lovely colors! They also released a new outfit called “Falling Autumn” and it comes in 5 beautiful colors. I’m going to show them both because they look great together!

Ingenue is one of the stores I go to when I’m looking for vintage/old fashion. I love their stuff a lot. Everything is hand drawn there, which is something I totally love as well. Betty Doyle is very talented and creative and everything she releases makes me fall in love with Ingenue even more. I’m wearing this well detailed jumpsuit in Coal and Rust. They come on all layers and you also get legs cuffs, a cowl and this knitted cuff on the chest! Each one is 250L$ only, so make sure you check them out! I’m wearing the Citron shoes here with the jumpsuit as well, as you can see they look great together!

Here’s a close up of the lovely Citron shoes. I’m wearing them in Lemon and Cherry. They come with a resize script as well! Each pair is 275L$ only There’s also a special pair in the Midnight Mania, here’s a picture:

Make sure you tell your friends to click the Midnight Mania!

Landmark to Ingenue

Hair: Clawtooth at Hair Fair

Skin: Laqroki


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