Numero 87 and some bad news…

Hi all! Candydoll released some smexy skinny jeans in many colors and *Linc* released some stunning new tank tops in sheer and solid colors. I decided to show them together since they match :D

Now the bad news… my school starts tomorrow (Monday) which means less SL/less blogging :( I will try to post everyday but please don’t get disappointed if I don’t :) You know with all the projects and tests it’s hard to log in SL.. I hope you understand :)

I love these a lot and I think they are well done. Jeans aren’t easy to make and it takes practice to make good looking jeans, and I think these are fabulous! They come on an underwear and pants layer and a version with the belt. I hope they do another version of these jeans with better cuffs though, I think it will look much better :D. If you don’t like sheer, there are also solid colors. I prefer solid colors because with sheer others can see my pixel boobs. *lol* The tank top comes on all layers as well. \o/

Landmark to *Linc*

Landmark to Candydoll

Hair by Truth – Skin by Laqroki – Tattoo by HUZ-TATS – Shoes by A-BOMB


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