Numero 84.

Hi all! Truth has many new hair from last week and also new hair from this week!! Check it out :)

Miranda – Raquel – Orchid – Cindy – Jersey – Janelle

My favorite is Cindy, it’s all sort of awesome. I love bangs a lot! so any hair with bangs is a total win for me. Orchid is also so so lovely and the flowers are so pretty and they look great with the hair. Miranda, Cindy and Jersey have 26 color change streaks, the tiara in Jersey can be on or off and the jewels are color change! \o/ Now the cool part about Janelle, it has split attachment points which means there’s a version with the long hair, a version with the short hair and a version with the part to make it even longer! (lower part of the hair) I love this new feature Truth Hawks is using in his new hair, it’s exactly what I wanted!

Lanie – Georgia – Lila

This week’s new releases are lurve, I died a little when I tried Lanie, it’s so so cute. There’s a version of Lanie without the bangs too, but it’s not shown here.. Georgia is also so pretty, I love pig tails in both lives! Lila is a sexy short hairstyle and I like it on my avatar! I kinda think it gives my avatar a chubby face, which is adorable in my opinion :D

Landmark to Truth

Skin by Laqroki – Necklace by Pacadi Jasha (not available anymore) – Shirt by


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