Numero 83.

Hi all! There’s a new store called !BANG owned by the talented Luna Jubilee and she makes awesome poses! I’ve seen her store and heck, she’s way better than me! give me some skills you boobilee woman! :P

And something that has nothing to do with this post.. I won’t talk much about the items I blog nowadays, there is a reason but I don’t feel like sharing it :D I hope that doesn’t upset you and you still view my blog! <3

I’m showing 2 of my favorite poses from the Fall Away pose pack, they’re very pretty and well done.. I’m always happy when I find poses that show the side/back of my avatar, it can be useful for blog pictures a lot when showing something on the back!

These are some other poses from the Waiting in Vain pose pack. I love these a lot and I think they’re great for pictures too! The names of the pose packs match great with the poses in my opinion. Make sure you check !BANG out because they also have group poses!

This tattoo is so so cute. I like it! I’ve been wearing it these days and I realized it was worn under my clothes too *lol*. And I agree, life is beautiful ‘sometimes’ :D It comes on all clothing layers and 2.0 tattoo layer!

Landmark to !BANG

Picture 1:
Hair by Truth – Skin by Laqroki – Dress by Zaara – Shoes by AOHARU
Picture 2:
Hair by Truth – Skin by Laqroki – Shirt & skirt by Zaara – Shoes by AOHARU
Picture 3:
Hair by Truth – Skin by Laqroki – Tube top by Ohmai

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