Numero 70.

Hi all! Glam Affair released a stunning new version of the Sofia skin.. if you loved SofiaV1 I’m sure you’ll love this too! Check it out..

I don’t really wear dark skins, but I was very surprised when I tried this dark skin tone. It’s not like all dark skins in my opinion. Aida did a great job on this skin, it’s very detailed and the collar bones are perfect, they look very real. I’m a huge fan of Glam Affair and I think it’s the only store I would wear from everyday even if it looks too modelish. I love Glam Affair! They also make clothes and more awesomeness..

If you prefer light skin tones, don’t worry! They also have those. :) There are 5 skin tones: Light, Natural, Med Tan, Tan and Dark and 12 different makes up. In each skin you purchase you’ll find 1 pair of eyes, 3 Pubic Hair layers (underpants and viewer 2 options) and 3 different bald bases for eyebrows shape. All these options for a low price! Also these new skins have a new body, I love it a lot!

I’m showing the sexy new body here.. I like this one more. It looks softer and much more detailed. I’m going to be honest, this skin has the BEST body from all the skins I own.. I’m going to wear this more often, because it’s dazzling and graceful.

Landmark to -Glam Affair-

Hair by Truth –  Black shirt by Glam Affair (from the Element collection) – Lingerie by (epoque) – Shoes by Pixel Mode.


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