Numero 69.

Hi all! I was scrolling through the 50,318 crap I have in my inventory and came to Exile.. I would NEVER delete an Exile hairstyle! So I went on and tried them all. I found two hairstyles that I loved so much and yay they’re from the latest release so a good time to blog them. :D

This gorgeous Lily hairstyle is full of awesomeness. Some parts of the hair are flexi, I think this is the first hair Kavar makes with flexi parts? Maybe I’m mistaken.. but heck! this hairstyle is lovely. The flower looks great with it, I’m not a BIG fan of hairs with flowers, but this was an exception because it looks so beautiful with it. :) The perfect hair to wear with a bright, colorful dress!

This Dani hairstyle is hot! The red color gives is a sexy shape. Also this hairstyle has stunning flexi parts! I can’t stop staring at this hair, it’s breathtaking!! =D

I’m wearing the new Laqroki Tess2 skin, when I saw it I HAD to buy it! Sometimes I never demo Laqroki skins, because I know they’ll look good. :D yay for new skins! <3

Landmark to Exile

Landmark to Laqroki

Shirt by – Necklace by Mandala


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