Numero 68.

Hi all! I just knew about this new store, maybe some of you know it and maybe some don’t so I thought of blogging it because it has some really lovely jewelry. Check it out!

I’m still learning how to make good pictures, so excuse the mess, lol. The jewelry set I’m wearing is from Je::suis. I’m wearing this necklace, earrings and bracelet from the tente set in sky. I love gemstones in both lives, and once trying these out I knew I had to blog them. The set is scripted to change the size, metal and if you like to add glow.

Here I’m wearing a different set. The Sophistique set comes with a necklace, earrings and a bracelet too. Gorgeous texturing as well.. I don’t go to formal parties much in SL, but these could be worn everyday.. I LOVE pearl necklaces, they’re what I wear mostly in SL. You can see a bit from the bracelet on the right of the picture, I cropped it and forgot that I was wearing something there, lol.

Landmark to Je suis.

Skin by Laqroki – Hair by Truth – Tube top by Ohmai (not sure if it’s available anymore) – Red lingerie by Cool beans.


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