Hi all! Tuli released some new skins with amazing options, check it out!

Make up 02 & 08 worn in Tone 1

Make up 10 & 03 worn in Tone 2

I’m always so excited when Tuli is working on new skins, because I love her skins and it’s what I wear most of the time! Tuli skins work great with most shapes, and I own every skin from Tuli! I love Tuli’s work, she puts lots of effort in it and offers many options for a little price! This new Audrey skinline is lurve, I love everything about it! This is quite different, so read below. There are 10 make ups and you choose 1 tone from the 4. Each Audrey make up comes with: Freckled and non freckled version, 2 eyebrow colors, 2 additional (!!!) cleavages on tattoo layers AND undershirt layers, 2 lashes on tattoo layers and the best part ever: TWELVE lipstick tattoo layers! I love love love them! I even tried them with other skins and they looked fabulous with other skins! ALL these options for only 1000L$ per make up! Of course, fatpacks are available and shapes too! Just make sure that your viewer allows tattoo layers. (I use Imprudence, it allows tattoo layers. Emerald and viewer 2.0 allow them too)

The hair I’m wearing is Raina from’s latest release, I can’t wait for the Hair Fair! will release many awesome hairs at the Hair Fair soon! :D The hair is worn in Passionate red, my favorite color from the reds pack.

Landmark to Tuli
Landmark to

I’m also exchanging blog links! If you have a blog, just leave a comment or send me an IM inworld with your blog’s URL and NAME… also i don’t mind if it’s a store blog/fashion feed.. please add my blog to your blogroll too! <3

Cardigan by Artilleri (10L$ at the Car Wash) – Shirt by

This is a picture I made with my fail photoshop skills.. wearing a Tuli lipstick with a Laqroki skin and hair by Truth. :)


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