Numero 64.

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m trying to catch up so let this be quick! <3

Exodi’s new skinline, ISOLDE is my favorite skin from Exodi. I liked the dark tones more than the lighter tones, but that’s just me. I love the make ups on these skins, they’re very different and add a lovely look for your avatar. Because Ryker is generous and awesome, she has some gachas, group gifts and lucky chairs! The skin on the left is a Gacha rare. A gacha is a machine you pay and get a random prize, this is a rare so remember you might not win it until you try more or if it’s your lucky day then you’ll get it ;). The middle skin is a lucky chair gift, simple and gorgeous. The one on the right is a group gift and I think it’s still available in group notices. Of course there are more make ups from the original release at the mainstore, but I thought I’d share some of the gifts. Each skin comes with 8 options: (Dark brows, Dark brows/Cleavage, Dark brows/Freckles, Dark brows/Cleavage/Freckles and light brows with the same options.) For a skin like this with all these options, I would fatpack it 10 times!

These dresses are from WoE but since the store is also on the Exodi sim, I blogged them with the skins so you can drop your lindens on some adorable dresses on your way. :D I’m in love with these dresses! The textures are lurve and the dress is well made, it doesn’t reveal any nipples or virtual vajayjay! Thats what I look for in a mini dress. I’m showing this Tatiana dress in rust and steel.

Landmark to Exodi sim. (WoE there too)

Landmark to Gacha

All hair by Truth – Necklace by Mandala – Orange flats by Ha! – Black flats by Surf Co. (not available anymore)

Also just to let you know, Truth is having a 50% off sale on all the hair!! So don’t forget to check it out. :)


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