Numero 59.

Hi all! has some new stuff at their store, as usual very pretty and well done! is my FAVORITE store. yep. I have a new blog layout and I’ll start adding landmarks to all credited items for your convenience. <3These hairstyles [Hailey & Hailey 2] are from the previous release. I’ve been wearing them for some days and could’t take them off. They’re simply gorgeous.’s hair textures are one of the best hair textures in SL in my opinion. I’m wearing this lovely hair in passionate red, my favorite shade from the reds color pack!

Next are these two casual shirts from this week’s release. I LOVE the Film.Crew shirt so so much! It has pictures of some of my old favorite movies.. this shirt gave me happy moments and unicorns and stuff..

Landmark to

(Picture 1) Hair by – Skin by Pink Fuel – Shirt by (Elate!) part of a dress.

(Picture 2) Hair by Truth – Skin by Pink Fuel worn with a Tuli tattoo layer lipstick. – Jeans by Surf Co. – Flats by Armidi


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