Numero 55.

Hi darlings! I wanted to blog these dresses a while ago but I was too busy and stuff. I wore each 5 times because they are simply gorgeous! I have a new blog background too! :D

This lovely white maxi dress was my favorite. The ideal dress to wear in SL at the moment. I love maxi dresses in both lives so I get really happy when I try a good one on. The flexi skirt is breathtaking, it moves slowly as your avatar walks and there’s also a leg part so when the skirt moves, your precious legs won’t show xD. The chest part thingie (I have no idea what you guys call that) is also cute and fits the dress! It’s a great dress and if you add a hand bag it will complete your look.

This hippie maxi dress is also another one from their awesome maxi dresses. It also comes with a leg part which is great if you’re avatar is moving. I really like the skirts on these maxi dress, they’re very well done and the textures are lurve. I’m also wearing Exile’s new hair. I love them both so freaking much! They looked great with the dresses, especially the first one.

Make sure you check So many styles & Exile for these awesomeness!

Skin by Pink Fuel.


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