Numero 54.

Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts, I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days! I’m having trouble choosing titles so I will start naming them with the number of the post. LOL.

~As most of you know, the Summer of love fair started and it ends on the 8th of August (you still have 6 days!) Many awesome stores have items at the fair. I’m showing the Dawn dresses by (Elate!). They’re so cute and very summery. The colors are really pretty and the shades too. I love this dress! I might wear it more these days, because it’s perfect for this season. ;) Don’t worry if you miss the fair, Kellie promised to have them at her mainstore when the fair ends! :D Make sure you check out the fair, many great designers are in it like (TheAbyss, Exodi, Ducknipple, Callie Cline, Boom, Dernier Cri, Exile, The Plastik, Evie’s Closet, Rockberry etc)

Landmark to the summer of love fair.

Hair by Truth – Skin by Laqroki – Shoes by AOHARU.


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