Summer with Leezu bikinis :D

Hi angels! Leezu released some new Boho bikinis in refreshing summery colors! Check these out ;)

I have way too many bikinis in SL, but when I tried these on I knew these were the best I had. They are different! The cute flowers, the adorable panties and the gorgeous textures. In my opinion Leezu is becoming better and better each day, I fall in love with every release and I feel the urge to fatpack everything. These new boho bikinis are the bomb! I love the beach, and these are the perfect bathing suits for the summer season.

Here’s a close up for the bikini in blue. I love the cute back tie and the flowers on the front. You can wear it with or without a tie and flowers, but I think it looks cute like this. You also get a sarong with it! love love love love it!

Landmark to Leezu

Hair by Truth
Flip flops by [0n] (store no longer available)

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