Caroline’s Jewelry: My first try! =)

Hey sweethearts :) I was happy when I tried on the new Caroline’s Jewelry Donata set. It’s very gorgeous! I love well-made jewelry sets so I won’t have to find matching earrings/necklace etc. Check it out!

Above I’m wearing the Donata collection in Blue, Green and Orange. I like the precious detailed jewels in this set, the colors are really beautiful and the idea of having different shades in the same necklace made me happy. It’s nice how Caroline added some shadow under the necklace to make it look a bit real and not boring. I fell in love with this collection because it’s very simple and can work with almost any outfit. I love when jewelery creators take the time to make jewelry, because for me, I think it’s not easy. But at Caroline’s Jewelry I’m really impressed by Caroline’s work and effort she put in her creations. I think I’ll be wearing these for a while, because they are charming and enticing ;)

(Apologies if there are any mistakes in the credits below, I’m mobile blogging)

Hair by Truth
Skin by Rockberry
Shirt by Hyper Culture (part of Cleo gown)


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