My first 3 N1CO awesomeness!

Hi angels! I hope you all had a wonderful day :D. N1CO is a new store to me and when I saw their items, I was completely confused what to choose. The owner is still new in making clothes but wow! I couldn’t believe it. Her stuff is stunning and it looks like she has been creating clothes for years. I’m showing 3 dresses I really like from her store.

~When I bought the Glitterati Rainy days pose set, I felt like taking a picture in a rainy sim which is quite famous, the creamshop sim. I’m showing some of her dresses which were my favorite. I think the owner did a great job on these dresses and I didn’t find anything bad about them. They are super cute and the textures are stunning and very well made.

~I’m picky when it comes to the skirt attachment. I just want them to be perfect and not show with the dress, because I would totally trash it. But at N1CO you don’t have to worry about that because Noreia definitely worked hard to make it not appear! I love her minis and the details she added to the dress. I also like the opening of the dresses, it’s the perfect dress to show your goodies! xD The prices are really decent and affordable. Everybody can find something they like at N1CO!

Landmark to N1CO.

Hair by Truth
Skin by Pink Fuel
Shoes by N-core

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