Feeling all cutesy and adorable with Ember.

Hi all! Pink fuel released a new skin called Ember and I gotta say I was in a big shock when I tried it on! It’s so so adorable! Check it out.

WARNING: Massive amount of pictures below!

Candy – Cherry

Beestung – HoneyB

Gossip – Fate

Mod – Leafy

New blood – Pure

Royal – Scene

Each skin comes with 12 options: 3 eyebrow colors and the dark brow has a hair base. So the dark brow has 3 options, but for the rest of the eyebrows you get 2 options {Freckles and no freckles}. You also get 3 eyebrow styles and 2 pubes on an underwear layer. Now onto the skin. It’s a really pretty skin and the make ups combinations are very cute. There are 12 make ups for this skin and 5 skin tones {milk, honey, chai, maple, and cocoa}. Ember is a mixture of both, the Elly and Basil skins (they are still not out but Gogo showed a preview. You can see Elly here.) As for the body, it’s really beautiful and I like it a lot. Thank god Mochi didn’t have high shadings on the body, because I would totally trash it then. The butt is simply gorgeous and very cheeky :D. There’s also a breast enhancer you could purchase and it’s just for 100L$ and it works for both Skye and Ember skins!


Hair by Truth
Shirt by Fri.day

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