Summer with N-core :D

Hi all! I have goooood news :D:D I finished university and now I have a summer vacation!! That will keep me busy blogging xD. I wanted to do this post but didn’t have time. Check these new N-core high heels! They will surely make you melt ;D.

~These are called OBSESSION. They are very sexy! The HUD is probably the best one in SL. The HUD contains 12 skin tones, from pale to dark. And you can choose a pale one and just adjust the sliders and it will fit perfectly. Can you see how my feet match my skin tone? There are 27 nail colors, and they are all very awesome. There’s also an RGB type of feet matching, in case you prefer those. You can even save and delete the skin tones you made. Now onto the stockings, there are 9 stockings that come with each shoe. You wear the socks and you click the one you chose in the hud, this adds the stockings to the feet. It’s a very nice idea, I really like the stockings and they are all very beautiful. Now for the last part. Each shoe comes with a color change buckle, ring, tip end, interior (the base of the shoes from the inside) and sole. You can even remove the ring and the tip end. For these shoes, obsession. You have an option to change the straps, as you can see. But with the fatpack you are able to change the heel, straps AND shoe color. So it’s worth the price for all these options! And lastly, you can turn the gloss, sound and alpha (for viewer 2.0) on or off. And you can also resize the shoes. I was really surprised when I saw all of these options, it’s very worth the price and I would fatpack all their shoes. This is the new HUD they made, which will cause less lag for your precious SL.

Now onto the SHARK shoe line. They’re the same as the OBSESSION. The only difference is that you can’t change the strap color, because there are no straps. (duh xP) and you can add chains and spikes, but I think it looks better without them.

And last but not least, here’s how the HUD looks like. love love love love it! =)

Landmark to N-core.


2 thoughts on “Summer with N-core :D

  1. I bought the Obsession shoes featured here, and I love them. They can go with almost anything you wear, even if you choose black (I bought the black version). I love the color options, and the skin is easy to match. The stockings option is also very cool and sexy! Yes, they are definitely worth the price.

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