My name is Jade, I will make your lindens fade.

Hi all! I’m terribly sorry because I haven’t blogged for days. My finals started and I was too busy studying. But tomorrow is weekend so, yay! (Weekends here are on Friday and Saturday, fyi =D).

~ Jade has a soft angelic face that I really like. Jade is a mixture of both the Eva and Hope skins, which are my favorites from Tuli! The makeup selections are awesome like always. Tuli really is the best at make up selections! They’re all very different than each other and that’s just amazing.

~ I’m showing 2 more makeups here. I LOVEEEE the one on the right. The dark eyeshadow is so pretty!

~ Another 2 marvelous makeups. This skin will fit with any outfit you wear, because of its cute makeup selections. Jade comes in 5 skin tones and 10 makeups. Each skin your purchase, here’s what’s included: 3 brow colors & 3 cleavage options. The eyes are also a new release from Tuli and I JUST ADORE THEM!!

Landmark to Tuli


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