I’ll tell you the TRUTH baby, these hairstyles almost made me faint.

Hi all! Truth released 3 new breathtaking hairstyles this week. I love them so freaking much. My goodness Truth Hawks you’re a star in my shining skyyy. Check them out!!

|  Darla    –    Eloise    –    Larissa  |
I’m wearing them all in “carrot”. My favorite is Eloise, it’s a gorgeous messy hairstyle yet still tidy! Darla is very pretty too and it reminds me of parties, no idea why. LOL. Darla has a streak option so you can have some highlights. Larissa is a very beautiful hairstyle as well. It’s very lovely and I like how it covers her eye.
Make sure you check Truth out, because you sure as hell don’t want to miss these awesome hairstyles!
Skin by Laqroki
Necklace by Shiny things (free at Gnubie)
Dress by Doppelganger

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