Can I have some Berries Inc, thanks. <3

Hi all! Berries Inc. is a really cute store with many types of clothes. I actually fell in love with the store when I saw it! Summse Sands (the owner) is really talented and has a wide imagination of new clothes that no one made before on SL! Therefore I suggest you go down to Berries Inc. and check it out, you’ll end up spending your lindens on something that’s worth it!

~This awesome shirt dress comes in 4 colors with each 4 pictures on them. It’s drop dead gorgeous! It comes with a bikini top option and a no bikini option. It’s a great and ideal dress for summer. Some cute flip flops and a tote bag and you’re ready to hit the beach! (:
(I’m sorry because I didn’t show you the other colors, I forgot to take the shoots and I already photoshopped them – but I will later)
Hair by Truth
Skin by Laqroki
Flip flops by [0n] – Store no longer available.

~This dazzling strapless top is so freaking sexy! I absolutely love it. The breasts part is made of a prim and it fits me perfectly. Even if it didn’t fit you, it’s modifiable. You can even add a jacket to it and mix and match it with your own inventory awesomeness. I just wish the top could come in all layers. Anyways it’s still awesome!
Hair by Truth
Skin by Laqroki
Jeans by Friday
Heels by Pixel Mode.
Hair by Truth
Skin by Laqroki
Skirt by Doppelganger Inc.
Boots by Bax
Landmark to Berries Inc.

More to come soon!


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