Laqroki new Julie skins!

Hi all! I was super excited when Laqroki released the new Julie skins, I love them very much! Check it out :)

~Here’s a picture showing a selection of different tones. As you can see, the skin has a very young and soft face. Many breathtaking makeup selections as well. The glossy lips are my favorite! They look very real and makes me want to kiss them. (I’m no lesbo xP) The eyebrows are stunning as well and they have a nice brownish color even though the skin is made for redheads, I never wear red hair but I added a brown-red hair which fits perfectly! The are 5 tones you could purchase [Fair, Milky, Mocha, Nougat & Peach.] The Mocha and Nougat tones are dark, but very pretty! There are 10 makeup options for each tone, and for only 2000L$! That is really awesome.

~Here are 2 makeups, I loveeeeeeeeee themmm!!

~Here are 2 makeups from the dark tones, they’re very gorgeous!

~ Another 2 makeups are shown here, I love the dazzling pink lips on the right. I love all the skin, it’s pulchritude!

Landmark to LAQROKI.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the skin! Thanks <3

Hair by Truth – Shirt by Whippet & Buck.


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